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We often hear "health is wealth" but for the most part of our lives, we are busy pursuing wealth rather than health. When health is compromised, we then spend all our wealth to "buy" back health.

With modern life styles, we are subjected to more stress, increased exposure to pollution, fast and highly processed types of food and with very little time to take care of our health.

Sad to say, most of us think we are healthy as long as there is no physical disorder with us today. However, we forget that cancer, heart attack, diabetes and other sicknesses do not develop overnight. It is often too late to take preventive measures by the time these diseases manifest.

It is significant to note the age old saying that goes "prevention is better than cure".


Health is the responsibility of each individual. If we are not committed to take care of own health, no one else will.

Retention of good health entails the following:

  • The right nutrition
  • Toxin elimination
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation of mind and body

The food we eat today is too rich in calories, preservatives, chemical pollutants, colorants and very low in fiber and nutrients. This not only undermines the body's nutrient requirement but overloads the body's elimination system. When the body is unable to efficiently eliminate toxins within daily, it will result in toxins accumulation. This will then affect the optimal functioning of the body systems as a whole.

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