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  Herbal Tea

There is now a herbal preparation called LS Herbal Tea which has been formulated to aid in toxin elimination. It also helps to maintain our health.

LS Herbal Tea is compounded from different types of natural herbs, including Carissa Carandas, Elephantopus Scraber, Prunella Vulgaris and others.

The founder, Mr. Ooi Leong Beng has been studying herbal plants for medicinal purpose since the 40s. His research and study has translated into an efficacious formulation which has contributed to health improvement for numerous people.

With greater public awareness and increased demand, LS Herbal Tea was produced on a commercial scale since 1993.

 Mr. Ooi Leong Beng (Herbalist)

Herbal Plants
Carisa Carandas
- Traditionally used
  • for detoxification
  • for cancer prevention
  • to control blood sugar
  • to relief hemorrhoids
  • to relief constipation

Elephantopus Scaber
- Traditionally used
  • in leukemia cases
  • in hepatitis cases
  • for cancer prevention
  • to decrease urinary albumin
  • to reduce edema
  • to relief fever and cough

Prunella Vulgaris
- Traditionally used
  • for uterine disorders
  • for detoxification
  • to reduce nodulation
  • to relief hypertension
  • to relief headache/migraine

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