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    Case 1: Cervical cancer
Symptoms :Cancer

In August 1995, madam Choo was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She then accepted series of radiotherapy treatment. There was no improvement after radiotherapy, more over she suffered from the side effects.


On 5 September 1995, she started drinking LS Herbal Tea (50gm) and one bottle of Xiao Yan Bao, and she followed our advice on diet – cutting down the intake of meat.


Madam Choo went back for check-up after 3 months on herbs. Medical report indicated that she had great improvement.


She continued drinking LS Herbal Tea (20gm) everyday, and taking Xiao Yan Bao occasionally (every one or two week once).


One year later she went back to the same hospital for medical check-up, doctor confirmed that she was free of cancer at that time.


    Case 2: Uterus fibroid
Symptoms :Ovarian Problem
nMadam Loo (42 years old) has menstrual pain since early age. nShe needs to take 1 strip of menstrual panadol a day when having menstrual pain. nIn September 1997, she experienced heavy menstrual flow.
A 3x3cm fibroid was discovered in her ovary.
After medical consultation, she started drinking LS Herbal Tea (40gm) everyday.
nAfter drinking for 1 month, she did not have any discomfort during menstruation.
nShe did not experience menstrual pain in the subsequent 2 months.
In February 1998 she went back to the same specialist center for check-up. It was confirmed that there is no more fibroid in her ovary.


    Case 3: Diabetes, Heatiness
Symptoms :Diabetes


Mr. Chua who works in a farm always has headache, flu, and heatiness problems for years. He also suffers from constipation problem, every time he spends about half an hour in toilet. Moreover, he always feels breathless when he is working.


His 48-year old mother has diabetes. Both her legs are swallen (edema), and she also has frequent urination.  She need to go to clinic almost every month for same reason; vomit and diarrhea due to heatiness.

Mr. Chua started drinking LS Herbal Tea everyday with the dosage of 50gm, boiling in 1.5 liter of water. The first boiling was given to her mother, while he took the second boiling.

Two days after he drank LS Herbal Tea, he felt much better when going to toilet, there was no more constipation. One week later, he experienced an overall improvement, he sweat a lot when farming,  he felt very healthy. In fact, he never feel breathless and headache anymore.

Great improvement was seen in his mother's health too. Firstly, vomiting and diarrhea problem were gone, then her swellen legs started to subside. At the same time, she did not have frequent urination, only 2 to 3 times a day (day time).  And her sugar level dropped to normal from 16mmol/liter.

    Case 4: Ovarian Fibroid
Symptoms :Ovarian Problem

Ms Lee (22 years old) always has heavy menstrual flow.


Medical check-up indicated that she had a ovarian fibroid (7 years ago, forgotten about the size). Doctor suggested to remove, but parents opposed  to the operation.


She started drinking LS Herbal Tea. After 2 months, she went for medical check-up in Singapore, no more fibroid.


She returned to Sabah for her study after that. Went for another medical-check up, confirmed no more fibroid.

    Case 5: Thyroid, Female related problems
Symptoms :Thyroid

  Madam Lee (43 years old) has thyroid problem Whenever she is moody, her thyroid glands would enlarge and she would feel pain. She always feels lack of energy, flu and headache.


Started drinking LS Herbal Tea in June 2002 (40gm a day). After 3 months, her thyroid problem subsided.


Her daughter (18 years old) has leucorrhea and pre-menstrual syndrome, she always feel lethargy and discomfort. After drinking LS Herbal Tea for 2 months, all her problems disappeared.

    Case 6: Hipoglycemia


Madam Tan used to suffer from sudden blackout. There was once she black-out and fell off from a bike while riding pillion on the road. Besides, she always fainted when working halfway, as a result, she was force to quit the job.

She tried to consult many doctors, but her condition did not improve.

After drinking LS Herbal Tea for about 1 month, her condition improved significantly. She continues drinking LS Herbal Tea , and her problem never relapse. Now, she has returned to her job. She has been drinking LS Herbal Tea fore more than 4 years.


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